My method

A journey within

A journey within doesn’t take place at the intellectual level only - it requires a complete sensory experience.

I place the biggest emphasis on conscious experiencing through the body. Everything we experience is experienced through our bodies - and inside our bodies, and the sensitive being known as the soul is its native inhabitant.

The dancer uses their body to express their emotions and feelings. The fitter the body, the greater the range of tools the dancer has access to. A fit body means more freedom of expression and a much clearer message.

When working with the body to make it stronger, more flexible, more relaxable and to make its movements more precise, I always bear in mind that human is a psychophysical unity. The body affects the mind and the mind affects the body.

Emotional states are manifested physically in muscle tension, in the way one breathes or moves. The body absorbs all kinds of tension like a sponge, it also remembers all states of relaxation. The body is an archive of our emotions and experiences. By looking at a person’s posture and watching how they move, you can tell a lot about the person.

One the one hand, I make the dancer work consciously with their body and attentive to the signals sent by the body. On the other hand, I draw the dancer’s attention to their thoughts. This results in becoming closer to one’s own emotions and oneself in general. I open the gateway to the unconscious – to suppressed emotions.

The confrontation with different emotions, which takes place when we’re in motion enables cleansing, freeing us from many mental and physical blocks. Releasing one’s emotions when dancing makes the body regain its natural state; movements become fluid, and human becomes genuine again. When dancing, we touch the essence of humanity - joy, sadness, grief, hope. The process is difficult and in order for it to take place, the dancer should feel supported and understood. They need to be trustful to expose themselves to emotions.
When dancing, we touch the essence of humanity

An atmosphere of trust

An atmosphere of trust is the foundation of my work. I create it through being reliable, open, involved, and giving myself the right to be thorough, sensitive, and patient.

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A journey within doesn’t take place at the intellectual level only - it requires a complete sensory experience.
Searching for and creating an own style, and inspiring the sense of originality among my students, is the main purpose of what I do - and what I want to do - as an instructor.
Partner dancing is about being ready to work together, about being here and now, about commitment, trust, and support.
Dancing is not only about perfect, repeatable, framework-bound movement. It’s mostly about movement that flows from within the dancer.