holistic approach

My method

The holistic approach to teaching Latin dance styles I specialise in comes mainly from my life philosophy.

I see every person as a whole composed of the body, the mind, and the soul, and the condition of each of these elements affects the condition of others.

Holistic - meaning all-encompassing

When working with dancers, I search for a balance between the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. A balance that lets energy flow freely through the body and the act of dancing, in which a person is able to fully express themselves as a unique and exceptional individual.

As a Latin dance teacher, I specialise mainly in movement mechanics, in ‘fine-tuning’ partners to each other in dancing; I sensitise dancers to music. I strive to make dancers understand and feel the continuity of movement and connection in partner dancing. To make them react actively and make the most of accompanying music. Distorted flow of movement, stiffness of the body or a limited sense of feeling may result from insufficient technical abilities and from suppressed emotions, which can significantly block the body.

The objective of my work

The objective of my work is to integrate the mastery of dancing technique with the ability to feel one’s emotions and express oneself and to communicate with others. The system of working with dancers, which I keep on developing consistently, draws from both standard and non-standard teaching methods. I follow my intuition, relying on my experience and knowledge I tend to expand on a regular basis.

Learn my methods

A journey within doesn’t take place at the intellectual level only - it requires a complete sensory experience. I place the biggest emphasis on conscious experiencing through the body.
Searching for and creating an own style, and inspiring the sense of originality among my students, is the main purpose of what I do - and what I want to do - as an instructor.
Partner dancing is about being ready to work together, about being here and now, about commitment, trust, and support.
Dancing is a combination of body, mind and feeling. Dancing is not only about perfect, repeatable, framework-bound movement. It’s mostly about movement that flows from within the dancer.